Geography and History of Food in Costa Rica

Geography and History of Food flyer
Start Date
March 7, 2020
End Date
March 14, 2020

This student-driven, interdisciplinary research course explores the impact of food in Costa Rica through the history and geography of the region.  Inquiry based coursework will allow students to explore various cultural foodways, teaching them about the physical and cultural landscape of the state and how it has changed over time. Highlighted possible topics will include modern and historical food politics, the migrational diffusion of food and flavors, neocolonialism, altitudinal zonation, the effects of globalization and transportation networks on food regions, and the role of industry in food production and exchange. Students will develop research projects utilizing problem solving, critical thinking, and hands on field work in Costa Rica over Spring Break.

Course Title(s)
HIST 498
KElly Kirk and Carrie Gray-Wood

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