Hack in the Box- Amsterdam 2020

Students become integrated into a leading, international cyber-security conference hosted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Students are able to gain a unique perspective from top cyber security professionals from around the world. In addition, they are part of the core conference team, assist with venue setup and tear down, introduce speakers, attend social and networking events and help out at many other vital conference functions.

Belize- Service Learning - Education

Dakota State University students in their spring student teaching semester have the opportunity to choose to work with teachers and students in a Nazarene School located in Belize.  The DSU students introduce and help model current best practice teaching strategies and methodologies.  The DSU students also help in getting books into the Belize students' hands and homes to increase their reading experiences.

History and Culture of Spain

Culture and History of Spain, a USD faculty-led program led by Prof. R. Turner will walk students through the rich history and vibrant culture of Spain. Students will have the opportunity to see many of the defining works of art and architecture of Spain; including the Royal Palace, historic Toledo, and the pilgrimage site Santiago de Compostela. Visits to major museums such as the Guggenheim, Riena Sofia, and the Prado are also part of the trip.

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