The study abroad programs listed on this page are administered by individual campuses ("sponsor") and are open to students from any South Dakota Board of Regents campus.

Sort by program name, dates, or the sponsoring campus (click the column heading below to change the sort). You can also use the search box on this page to find programs by academic discipline (e.g., ANTH, STEM, etc.) or country.
Program Name Sort descending Start Date End Date Sponsor Tags
Morocco Field Camp Morocco: Geology Field Camp Morroco, geology, field camp
Himalayas Geology Field Camp Nepal: Himalayas Geology Field Camp Nepal, Geology, Field Camp, HImalayas
Netherlands Netherlands and Belgium: An Honors Exploration of Human Rights and Global Relations Netherlands, Belgium, HON, Undergraduate, Graduate
New Zealand Field Camp New Zealand: Depositional Systems Field Camp New Zealand, Geology, Petroleum
Machu Picchu Peru: Language, Literature and Culture Peru, SPAN, ANTH, ENGL, HIST, Undergraduate
Portugal Portugal: Counseling and Human Development Portugal, Undergraduate, Graduate
Scottish Highlands (photo courtesy of Taylor Schoenfelder) Scotland: From Hogwarts to Brexit: The Formation of Modern Scotland for Incoming Freshmen Scotland, United Kingdom, HIST, ENGL, INTS, Undergraduate, Incoming Freshmen
Goree Port Senegal Senegal, Undergraduate
Spain Geology Field Camp Spain: Geology Field Camp Spain, geology, field camp
Madrid, Spain Spain: Global Education Undergraduate, EDFN, Spain, Graduate
Old Town, Stockholm Sweden: Transformation of the Welfare State: Public Policy in Sweden Sweden, POLS, CJUS, Undergraduate
Turkey Field Camp Turkey: Geology Field Camp Turkey, Geology, Field Camp
Statue of Liberty USA: Art and Art History in New York City United States, ARTH, Undergraduate, Graduate
Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC USA: How the Sausage Gets Made: Politics and Policy in Washington, DC United States, POLS, CJUS, Undergraduate
Martin Luther King, Jr addressing the crowd at the March on Washington, 28 August 1963 USA: The Road to Freedom: America's Civil Rights Movement United States, HIST, Undergraduate

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