The study abroad programs listed on this page are administered by individual campuses ("sponsor") and are open to students from any South Dakota Board of Regents campus.

Sort by program name, dates, or the sponsoring campus (click the column heading below to change the sort). You can also use the search box on this page to find programs by academic discipline (e.g., ANTH, STEM, etc.) or country.
Program Name Start Date End Date Sort descending Sponsor Tags
Mexico Spring Break in Mexico Mexico
Cambodia Vietnam & Cambodia: Food Production, Culture and History Vietnam, Cambodia
Great Wall Hike the Great Wall: Life and Health in Taiwan and China China, Taiwan
SDSU students study abroad in Australia Australia: Agriculture and Natural Resources Australia
Gavel New Zealand: Comparative Criminal Justice New Zealand, CJUS, POLS, Undergraduate
Neuschwanstein Germany: Experience Culture, Technology, and History First-Hand Germany
Elephants and Mount Kenya Kenya: Field Ecology Kenya, BIOL, Undergraduate, Graduate, STEM
Greek architecture Greece: Isles of Greece! Greece, ESCI, ANTH, ARTH, CLHU, ENGL, HIST, PHIL, POLS, REL, Undergraduate, Graduate
Italian architecture Italian Sketch Crawl: Sketch New Surroundings and Understandings Italy
Morocco Field Camp Morocco: Geology Field Camp Morroco, geology, field camp
Ecuador-Andes Field Camp Ecuador: Andes Field Camp - Volcanology and Mining Geology Ecuador, Volcanaology, Mining, Geology, field camp
Costa Rican Jungle Costa Rica: Spanish Language and Culture Costa Rica
Turkey Field CAmp Turkey: Geology Field Camp Turkey, Geology, Field Camp
Spain Geology Field Camp Spain: Geology Field Camp Spain, geology, field camp
Archaeologists at a dig site in Peru Peru: Field Methods in Archaeology Peru, ANTH, Undergraduate, Graduate

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