Programs offering undergraduate credit.

China: Summer in Jinan

Spend a month studying at the University of Jinan.  Students will take two courses including a Chinese class, learn tai chi and calligraphy, stay in a furnished dorm room, eat in the UJN dining hall and enjoy recreational facilities on campus.  In addition, you can visit Beijing, the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Mount Tai. 

Ireland: Software and Technology in an International Business Context - Dublin

The Software and Technology in an International Business Context course will be a great opportunity to explore a new culture, see significant sites in Ireland and gain an understanding of software technology in an international context. We will hear from leading international software development companies and learn about diverse topics such as Technology and Information Strategy, Big Data, User Experience, and Protecting Digital Assets.

New Zealand: Comparative Criminal Justice

In this program, you will examine the legal systems of the United States and New Zealand to compare the policing, court processes, citizen rights, and incarceration and sentencing policies of the two countries. Although New Zealand's system is based on statutory and common law with a judiciary structure similar to Great Britain and Canada, its prison system faces issues quite similar to those in the United States, including disproportionate minority contact and high incarceration rates.

Peru: Field Methods in Archaeology

You will have the opportunity to assist Professors Matthew Sayre and Silvana Rosenfeld of the Department of Anthropology at USD—alongside faculty and students from Binghamton University—in this project of archaeological mapping and excavation in the sierra of Peru. In this program, you will gain skills and insights in archaeological fieldwork, learn about Peru and its prehistory, as well as take part in an ongoing faculty research project.

United States: Organizational Culture and Customer Service in Orlando

This course provides a broad conceptual background of fundamental knowledge in organizational culture and customer service. Participants will learn about customer service skills required in major international oriented firms, government firms, and tourism firms and studies the influences that affect customer service strategies in diverse cultural, economic, political, legal, and technological international environments.

Bahamas: Marine and Island Ecology

This course focuses on learning about tropical marine and island biology on the island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. Learning will include a combination of traditional lecture, field, and laboratory explorations of marine and island biology. Prior to travel, class sessions (2 per week, 1hr 15min) will be held to familiarize students with course goals and expectations, develop familiarity with concepts and environments unique to the marine and island setting, and explore relevant literature and research. Time spent on the island will be largely hands-on and experiential.

Austria and Denmark: Comparative Development and Commercialization of Medical Devices in the United States and Europe

In this program, you will explore the process of developing durable medical equipment through on-site discussion and exploration of a research lab, development company, and manufacturing facilities located at multiple locations in Europe. DMEs are medically necessary devices prescribed by a health care provider to aid in, contribute to, provide monitoring of, or treatment for a medical condition. As such, health care providers must possess knowledge of DMEs.

Kenya: Field Ecology

This program emphasizes the development of hypotheses and implementation of ecological research. You will obtain practical experience with sampling methodologies during a major field trip. In addition, a research project will promote hypothesis conception, further research techniques, data analysis, presentation, and discussion skills.

Ireland: Irish History, Sport & Culture

Irish culture and history are firmly intertwined with sport. Churches and work places have been the origin of many small sports clubs; the birthplace of traditional Gaelic Games, the most popular being Gaelic football and Hurling. You will have the opportunity to learn and experience both of these traditional games from their origin to the present-day game. You will see firsthand how the European model of sports differs from the US.

Greece: Isles of Greece!

The Isles of Greece! will introduce you to a variety of aspects of life in Greece over the five millennia from the Bronze Age to our own time. Topics include history, literature, geology, religion, philosophy, ethnography, marine biology, archaeology, and cultural resources management. Sailing and hiking, lectures and readings, snorkeling and diving, visits to sites and museums, conversations with faculty and fellow students, student reports, encounters with our Greek hosts, and travel diaries will provide opportunities for you to acquire information and reflect on your experience.

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