Programs offered in the summer.

Spain: Global Education

This program will visit cities that are illustrative of the Spanish culture including Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Marbella.  The participants will visit at least two international schools and be immersed in the arts, religion, culture, language and education of Spain.  Excursions include the Royal Palace in Madrid, National Del Prado Art Museum, Toledo Cathedral, Alcazar of Toledo, Alhambra, Seville Cathedral, Marbella Old Quarter and many other amazing sites. 

Canada: The United States and Global Healthcare Systems

This immersive, interactive experience explores the evolution, celebration, and future of human rights. In this program you will engage in discussion about human rights, indigenous populations, and health care as a basic human right and hopefully be inspired to make a difference in the lives of others and work toward erasing barriers and promoting meaningful, lasting change.

Ecuador: Andes Field Camp - Volcanology and Mining Geology

Learn the fundamentals of field work and mapping while studying volcanic deposits in a classic continental volcanic arc.  The course will contain field study of several of Ecuador’s active volcanoes (including Cotopaxi and Tungurahua) as well as an introduction to the monitoring and hazard mitigation efforts of the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador. The course will also contain study of more ancient volcanic terrains, the formation of associated metal deposits and the geology of active active exploration and mining in Ecuador.

Turkey: Geology Field Camp

The course includes preparation of stratigraphic columns, structural cross sections, and geologic maps, and completion of formal reports.  Successive projects involve greater geologic complexity, and some may emphasize geologic hazard or mineral resource assessment. Practical applications to environment-related problems, earthquake hazards, landslides, and hydrogeology may be included.

Prerequisites include: completion of Physical Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Stratigraphy/Sedimentation, and Structural Geology, or consent of the Director.

Spain: Geology Field Camp

Projects:  Students will spend the first couple of days learning basic field techniques including basic navigation, the use of the Brunton Compass, and how to measure stratigraphic sections. Emphasis will be placed on observational skills, recording field data, and basic geologic map construction. Students will learn techniques for measuring stratigraphic sections, collecting structural data in the field, cross-section construction, and simple structural analyses from field data.

Morocco: Geology Field Camp

This field camp will be focused on mapping Permian, Triassic, and Cretaceous sedimentary and igneous rocks of the Argana Basin in southern Morocco. This includes mapping stratigraphic units that record the transition from the end of Permian mass extinction and the opening of the Atlantic Ocean and Oceanic transgression during Cretaceous.

Prerequisites: completion of junior year of study, Physical Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Stratigraphy/Sedimentation, and Structural Geology, or consent of the Director

Iceland: Volcanology Field Camp

Iceland is a volcanic wonderland. This course in volcanology will explore Iceland from the south coast where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge comes ashore to the highlands near the focus of the Iceland mantle plume. Subjects that will be considered include: basaltic and rhyolitic lava flows, tephra characterization, phreatomagmatic features, subglacial volcanism, volcano monitoring and geothermal power.

China: Summer in Jinan

Spend a month studying at the University of Jinan.  Students will take two courses including a Chinese class, learn tai chi and calligraphy, stay in a furnished dorm room, eat in the UJN dining hall and enjoy recreational facilities on campus.  In addition, you can visit Beijing, the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Mount Tai. 

Italian Sketch Crawl: Sketch New Surroundings and Understandings

Investigate design trends of Italian landscape, architecture and communities both ancient and modern. Centered around four major regions of Italy: Sicily (Palermo), Campania (Pompeii and Naples), Umbria (Perugia and Assisi), and Lazio (Rome). Learning will be augmented through the use of a sketchbook, in-field observation and case study research.
Augment your creativity. Enhance your critical thinking skills. Experience the local culture through the delicious Italian cuisine, entertainment, and local attractions.

Hike the Great Wall: Life and Health in Taiwan and China

Hike the Great Wall: Life and Health in Taiwan and China will permit students to explore food, culture, healthcare practices in two Asian countries—Taiwan and China. Students will learn about traditional Chinese medicine at China Medical University in Taiwan and see a familiar Brookings-based business in China-Daktronics.

A night time boat ride on the famous Bund will showcase the light show of Shanghai along with many other cultural experiences near Beijing, including the Forbidden City. 

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