Programs in Ireland.

Ireland: Software and Technology in an International Business Context - Dublin

The Software and Technology in an International Business Context course will be a great opportunity to explore a new culture, see significant sites in Ireland and gain an understanding of software technology in an international context. We will hear from leading international software development companies and learn about diverse topics such as Technology and Information Strategy, Big Data, User Experience, and Protecting Digital Assets.

Ireland: Irish History, Sport & Culture

Irish culture and history are firmly intertwined with sport. Churches and work places have been the origin of many small sports clubs; the birthplace of traditional Gaelic Games, the most popular being Gaelic football and Hurling. You will have the opportunity to learn and experience both of these traditional games from their origin to the present-day game. You will see firsthand how the European model of sports differs from the US.

Ireland: Leadership in Ireland

We will look at leadership and motivation by focusing on interactive site visits in/around Dublin, Ireland to higher education institutions, local businesses, and NGOs to meet with decision makers, leaders, and strategic planners to observe and learn about how they maintain momentum within an organization toward change, development, and leadership.

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