Great Alpine Adventure: Germany

Start Date
May 7, 2019
End Date
May 25, 2019

Experience German history and culture in the most beautiful part of Germany, Bavaria. Explore Munich, with its historic WWII sites, the Olympic Stadium- home of the 1972 Summer Olympics – and learn about the ongoing “Refugee Crisis.” Relax for a day in a monastery and then experience the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. Visit the Olympic Stadium in the quaint little town of Garmisch, where the 1936 Winter Olympics were held. A number of famous castles are just a short distance away. Local tour guides will introduce students to history, culture, and the German way of life. All guided tours are in English, making this experience open to any major. Tours are supplemented by exciting workshops where participants will be immersed in local culture and customs. Weekends are free for students to travel throughout Europe.

Course Title(s)
GER 296
GER 396
GLST 481
Professor Eckhard Rolz

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