Goree Port
Start Date
May 18, 2019
End Date
June 10, 2019

This faculty-led study abroad program will examine contemporary Senegalese culture and society. Students will gain knowledge about Senegal’s history, politics, education, religions,healthcare, environment, gender issues, music, literature and cinema through a variety of guest lectures, readings, films, site visits, interactive workshops, and cultural excursions. A particular emphasis will be given to life in Senegal’s urban centers and how inhabitants of these cities engage with issues facing their country and community.  

Students will stay with local families in Dakar, get a true feel for life in Senegal, and learn why it is appropriately called the “country of hospitality.” Weekends will be filled with excursions to Saint-Louis (Senegal’s former colonial capital), a fishing village along the Atlantic coast, and Gorée Island (an important historical site that was the center of the slave trade).

This interdisciplinary study abroad program is open to all majors and there are no pre-requisites other than an open mind, flexibility, and curiosity!

Course Title(s)
GLST 481
FREN 385
Molly Enz

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