Hong Kong: Global Immersion Program

Students and faculty in Hong Kong
Start Date
May 7, 2019
End Date
May 18, 2019

Study management strategy in a totally different culture! Hong Kong is a dynamic and vibrant cosmopolis that is a fusion of many cultures. Under British rule for over 150 years, Hong Kong incorporates British culture and values with Chinese tradition. In 1997, it was established as a Special Administrative Region and has more autonomy than any place in China. With over 7 million people, Hong Kong boasts twice as many skyscrapers as New York City and is a major world port.

On this faculty-led program with Beacom students, faculty and staff, you will experience a cultural kaleidoscope while visiting companies in the financial sector, global marketing, the agricultural industry, and visiting one of the world's largest ports. You will learn about the Hong Kong economy and its potential, roadblocks and complexities, intellectual property protection in a "one country two systems" environment, finance as the prominent driver of success and prosperity, forecasting development and trends in the banking sector, cross-cultural marketing, food security and innovative directions in agriculture, strategies for fueling industrialization in China, and navigating the dynamic transport and logistic landscape.

Experiences in Hong Kong will be complemented by business and cultural visits in Shenzhen, China, which is not part of the SAR. Students will learn about how the "one country two systems" plays out in practical business matters. Activities and free time are available to explore the culture, shop, and enjoy local cuisine. This experience is on par with the best business schools in the world. There are limited spaces available for this extraordinary value. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Course Title(s)
BADM 488/588 International Business and Economic Studies
ECON 488/588 International Business and Economic Studies
Mark Yockey, Tyler Custis

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