Spain: Geology Field Camp

Spain Geology Field Camp
Start Date
June 10, 2019
End Date
July 13, 2019

Application Deadline: December 31, 2018

Projects:  Students will spend the first couple of days learning basic field techniques including basic navigation, the use of the Brunton Compass, and how to measure stratigraphic sections. Emphasis will be placed on observational skills, recording field data, and basic geologic map construction. Students will learn techniques for measuring stratigraphic sections, collecting structural data in the field, cross-section construction, and simple structural analyses from field data. Students will also learn to synthesize their observations to construct an interpretation of the geologic history of the various field sites.

Prerequisites: Physical geology, mineralogy, petrology, stratigraphy/sedimentology, and structural geology.

Course Title(s)
Geology Field Camp
Dr. Joseph Hill/Dr. Nuri Uzunlar

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