Germany: Experience Culture, Technology, and History First-Hand

Start Date
May 8, 2018
End Date
May 26, 2018

This program through Germany is ideal for German, Global Studies, Engineering, and History students or for anyone who is interested in learning about one of the most advanced countries in Europe.

On this journey, we will visit major German cities, world-renowned museums, historical places, innovative factories, technological marvels, and meet experts in many fields. Students participate in interactive workshops and attend lectures on politics, technology, history, and culture. Come and be immersed in every-day life, experience German food, enjoy castles and other historic places, and find out why Germany is an economic powerhouse.

All lectures and workshops are conducted in English and German knowledge is not required. All guides speak English.

Course Title(s)
GLST 481 or appropriate German course
Professor Eckhard Rolz

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