Australia: Agriculture and Natural Resources

SDSU students study abroad in Australia
Start Date
May 7, 2018
End Date
May 22, 2018

Australia is dependent on export markets for their agricultural products. Students will experience Australian agriculture and culture, while visiting farms (livestock, crops and horticulture) along with seeing some of the popular tourist spots.

The program will be primarily on the east side of Australia. The program will start in Sydney with sightseeing famous landmarks such as the Opera House, Sydney Bridge, and tour Blue Mountains as well as visiting with Meat Livestock Australia staff. Students will have the opportunity to interact with farmers, which will allow time to learn about the ”normal” production practices.

You will have the opportunity to see Kangaroos and Koalas close-up in the Featherdale Wildlife Sanctuary and might be lucky enough to see them in the wild. The program
will end with seeing the Great Barrier Reef. 

Course Title(s)
ABS 482/ABS 582
Professor Julie Walker and Assistant Professor Benoit St. Pierre

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