Peru: Field Methods in Archaeology

Archaeologists at a dig site in Peru
Start Date
June 29, 2018
End Date
July 28, 2018

You will have the opportunity to assist Professors Matthew Sayre and Silvana Rosenfeld of the Department of Anthropology at USD—alongside faculty and students from Binghamton University—in this project of archaeological mapping and excavation in the sierra of Peru. In this program, you will gain skills and insights in archaeological fieldwork, learn about Peru and its prehistory, as well as take part in an ongoing faculty research project.

Before traveling to Ayacucho, you will visit archaeological museums in Lima and get to know a little about the local culture. In this program, you will learn about archaeological field methods and Andean archaeology. In addition to fieldwork and labwork during the day, your training will involve evening discussions and visits to museums and other archaeological sites in the area.

Course Title(s)
ANTH 431/531 Field Methods in Archaeology
Matthew Sayre and Silvana Rosenfeld

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