Greece: Isles of Greece!

Greek architecture
Start Date
May 14, 2018
End Date
June 6, 2018

The Isles of Greece! will introduce you to a variety of aspects of life in Greece over the five millennia from the Bronze Age to our own time. Topics include history, literature, geology, religion, philosophy, ethnography, marine biology, archaeology, and cultural resources management. Sailing and hiking, lectures and readings, snorkeling and diving, visits to sites and museums, conversations with faculty and fellow students, student reports, encounters with our Greek hosts, and travel diaries will provide opportunities for you to acquire information and reflect on your experience. In particular, the nautical life will give you a sense of the Greek islands as the Greeks saw them in an age before mechanized travel: from the sea in sailing vessels. You will learn to sail and to live aboard a sailboat.

Course Title(s)
ESCI 492/592 Isles of Greece!
ANTH 492 Isles of Greece!
ARTH 492 Isles of Greece!
CLHU 492 Isles of Greece!
ENGL 493/593 Isles of Greece!
HIST 492/592 Isles of Greece!
PHIL 492 Isles of Greece!
POLS 492 Isles of Greece!
REL 492 Isles of Greece!
Brennan Jordan, Clayton Lehmann, and Nelson Stone

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